Mental Health Task Force 3 December 2008 Quick Report

DATE:             December 4, 2008

TO:                  Town Council

FROM:             Andrew Pham, Mayor’s Intern

SUBJECT:       Mayor’s Mental Health Taskforce Meeting

December 3, 2008  4:00-6:00 PM Town Hall First Floor Conference Room

Taskforce Members Present: Natalie Ammarell (Chair), Rick Allen, Kate Barrett, David Chapman, Linda Foxworth, Kevin Foy, John Gilmore, Gwen Harvey, Trish Hussy, Thava Mahadevan, Tom Reid, Anna Scheyett, Mark Sullivan, Michelle Turner, Clay Whitehead

Taskforce Members Absent: Judy Truitt

Staff Members Present: Carlo Robustelli, Mayoral Aide Andrew Pham, Mayor’s Intern

Members of the Public Present: Cim Brailer, Daniel Goldberg

Welcome and Introductions

Mayor Foy called the first meeting of the Mental Health Taskforce to order at 4:05 PM. Foy welcomed everyone and gave the taskforce its charge to explore and make recommendations regarding issues related to mental health service delivery in Chapel Hill and environs. Foy encouraged the group to make change and be leaders. Foy introduced Natalie Ammarell, the chair of the Taskforce.

Ammarell, introduced herself and her role as chair of the Taskforce. Introductions of everyone present followed.

Discussion of Issues and Themes

Ammarell distributed a list of themes she developed while speaking to Taskforce members prior to the meeting. Ammarell asked for additions to the list. Taskforce members suggested additions and discussed the general “state” of mental health services.

Organizing the Taskforce’s Work

Taskforce members discussed the types of information about the mental health service system that would aid them in their deliberations. For the next meeting, a first effort will be made to pull together data on funding, client numbers and other key aspects of the local mental health system.

As the Taskforce engages its work, it will most likely invite other stakeholders to share their perspectives and may also organize smaller working groups to focus on specific topics such as resource/funding allocation or development of a “map” of the local mental health system.

The Taskforce scheduled its next meeting for 4:00 PM Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at the Town Operations Center.

Ammarell adjourned the meeting at 6:00PM.


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