Mental Health Task Force Meeting 14 Jan 2009

DATE:             January 15, 2009

TO:                  Town Council

FROM:             Andrew Pham, Mayor’s Intern

SUBJECT:       Mayor’s Mental Health Task Force Meeting

January 14, 2009  4:00-6:00 PM Town Operations Center First Floor Conference Room

Task Force Members Present: Natalie Ammarell (Chair), Rick Allen, Kate Barrett, David Chapman, Linda Foxworth, John Gilmore, Gwen Harvey, Trish Hussey, Thava Mahadevan, Tom Reid, Anna Scheyett, Mark Sullivan, Michelle Turner, Clay Whitehead, Judy Truitt

Staff Members Present: Carlo Robustelli, Mayoral Aide Andrew Pham, Mayor’s Intern

Members of the Public Present: Cim Brailer, Daniel Goldberg, Taylor Sisk, Rep. Verla Insko

Approval of the Previous Meeting’s Minutes

The Task Force approved the minutes with minor corrections.

Review of Data Collected and Presentation of the Task Force’s Blog

Natalie Ammarell presented the members of the Task Force with mental health statistics from the state and town departments that responded to a call for data. Andrew Pham made a presentation on the topic of blogs and their use in fostering communication in the community. Pham also presented the blog for the Task Force. Discussion ensued as to how the Task Force should use the blog and the group agreed to use a blog in its work.

Formation of Working Groups

The Task Force decided to form two working groups to explore two issues. The first will explore ways to increase service capacity through shared supervision of trainees. Members of this group are:  Trish Hussey, Tom Reid, Anna Scheyett and Mark Sullivan. The second work group will try to define the local mental health system including such things as funding, services, statistics and connections. This group includes Linda Foxworth, Thava Mahadevan, and Michelle Turner. The meeting dates of the working groups are yet to be announced.

Discussion about Future Meetings

The Task Force decided to have its membership give short presentations on their organizations at the next meeting in February. The Task Force also determined that it would hold two public listening sessions on February 24th and 25th from 6:00 PM-7:30PM in the Council Chambers.

Freedom House

Trish Hussey gave a presentation on the issues that Freedom House is facing. Hussey explained that Freedom House has taken on more clinical duties since the closing of the Caring Family Network and is faced with financial challenges. She said in the coming months, Freedom House will work closely with OPC to implement best practices and restructure clinic services. In the meantime, Freedom House will continue to provide critical mental health services to the community.

The Taskforce scheduled its next meeting for 4:00 PM Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at OPC.

Ammarell adjourned the meeting at 6:03 PM.


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