Training/Supervision Working Group Quick Report 4 Feb 2009

DATE:             February 5, 2009

TO:                  Town Council

FROM:             Natalie Ammarell, Chair, Mayor’s Mental Health Task Force

SUBJECT:       Training/Supervision work group (a subgroup of Task Force)

February 4, 2009;  3:00-4:30 PM Town Operations Center First Floor Conference Room

Task Force Members Present: Natalie Ammarell (Chair), Trish Hussey, Tom Reid, Anna Scheyett

Staff Members Present:

Members of the Public Present: Daniel Goldberg

The purpose of this work group is to explore ways to increase service capacity through shared supervision of trainees.

Members identified two separate groups of individuals for whom it is very difficult to find and retain supervision so that they can complete their training and/or licensure. The first includes mental health workers in a variety of disciplines who have completed their formal education, but must meet particular requirements (often over a two-year period) to obtain a license and be able to bill for services. The second group includes students – primarily at the graduate level – who must be placed into provider agencies and receive supervision to complete their studies.

Identified issues include:

§  Loss of qualified individuals within provider agencies who can offer field supervision;

§  Inability of provider agencies to bill for hours devoted to training and supervision;

§  Students cannot bill for services;

§  Agencies have difficulty creating budgets for training/supervision because the State is constantly changing their rates of reimbursement for services.

The group decided to focus initially on development of a social work training collaborative in which Orange County agencies providing mental health services would seek funds and/or pool existing resources to hire a shared masters-level social worker to provide supervision and educational programs for UNC social work students placed in their organizations.

The group will schedule another meeting in the future.


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