Defining the Box 19 March 2009 Quick Report

DATE:             March 19, 2009

TO:                  Town Council

FROM:             Carlo Robustelli Mayoral Aide,

Andrew Pham Mayoral Intern

SUBJECT:        Mayor’s Mental Health Task Force “Defining the Box” Work Group Meeting, Town Operations Center, 1st floor Conference Room Public Works, 6850 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill, NC   27516-8175

Task Force Members Present: Natalie Ammarell (Chair), Thava Mahadevan, Michelle Turner

Task Force Members Absent: Linda Foxworth

Staff Members Present: Andrew Pham

Members of the Public Present: Bebe Smith, Lisa Lackmann

Graphical Approach to Mapping the System

The group agreed that the graphical approach to mapping the system was an effective way to describe the system in place. The group noted that a graphical approach illustrated the complexity of the system while making it easier for a layperson to understand the structure of the mental health service system. To the best of the group’s knowledge, such a map does not yet exist in the local area.

System Mapping

The group then mapped the system for the age groups 5-17 and 18-29, including funding sources, points of entry to the system, and provider/client interactions. Natalie Ammarell will submit the draft maps to the group for comment and corrections.

Goals of System Mapping

The group identified the following as goals for mapping the system:

    • Create a packet of system maps to show the service/system navigation challenges for each age group
    • Identify the gaps in the mental health service system
    • Identify potential intervention points to address the gaps in the system

Future Meetings:

The working group scheduled its next meeting for April 3, 2009 – 8:30-10:00 A.M. – Town Operations Center 1st Floor Conference Room Small Meeting Room


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