Minutes 13 May 09

Mayor’s Mental Health Task Force
Meeting Summary
May 13, 2009

Task Force Members Present: Natalie Ammarell (Chair), Rick Allen, Kate Barrett, David Chapman, Linda Foxworth, Gwen Harvey, Trish Hussey, Thava Mahadevan, Tom Reid, Anna Scheyett, Mark Sullivan, Michelle Turner, Judy Truitt
Task Force Members Absent: John Gilmore, Clay Whitehead.
Staff Members Present: Naveed Hassan.
Members of the Public Present: Cim Brailer, Bebe Smith.

Approval of the Previous Meeting Minutes
The Task Force approved the minutes of the previous meeting without corrections.

Where We Are
Natalie Ammarell reported on her meeting with Mayor Foy in April. He is very supportive of our work. We will be able to convert our blog site to some pages within the Mayor’s section of a newly revamped Town website. In the early fall, the Mayor would like the Task Force to consider making presentations to the Town Council, Orange County Commissioners and Carrboro Aldermen, as well as the Metropolitan Coalition of Municipalities. He agreed with the Task Force’s emphasis on “local action” that can be taken without the need for infusions of funds.

Task Force members reviewed and discussed a set of visual depictions of the mental health system that the “Defining the Box” work group has put together. Suggestions were made for modifications.

Task Force members talked briefly about the “Action Items” matrix that summarizes areas for potential recommendations for action in the final report. All agreed that we need to avoid “biting off too much” and to focus on making connections, disseminating information, community- and awareness-building around mental health issues and encouraging local governments to exercise stronger leadership in this arena.

Small Group Work
The Task Force broke into four small groups to work on various tasks that will help shape our final report and recommendations.

Next Steps
Small groups reported briefly on their work. It was agreed that several work group meetings will be necessary prior to the next Task Force meeting, which will be our last “formal” meeting. However, work will continue over the summer as we hone our report/recommendations and develop vehicles for communicating our messages to local government officials and the public.

Meeting Schedule

Next Task Force Meeting
 June 10, 2009 – 4:00-6:00 p.m. – Town Operations Center


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