Mayors Mental Health Task Force Roster

Natalie Ammarell, Chair

Human Service Systems

Rick Allen

President, Inter-Faith Council

Kate Barrett

Aging Transitions Administrator

Orange County Department of Aging

David Chapman


Caramore Community, Inc.

Linda Foxworth



John Gilmore

Vice-Chair, UNC Department of Psychiatry

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Gwen Harvey

Assistant County Manager

Orange County

Trish Hussey

Executive Director

Freedom House

Thava Mahadevan

Executive Director

XDS, Inc.

Tom Reid

Carolina Outreach

Anna Scheyett

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Clinical Associate Professor

UNC School of Social Work

Mark Sullivan


Mental Health Association Orange County

Judy Truitt


OPC Area Program

Michelle Turner

CHPD Crisis Unit

Clay Whitehead

Advanced Psychotherapeutics


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  1. I would like to join your mailing list/emailing list. Thank you,

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